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wt it's shutting down????!!!!!!!! nooooooooooo only 3 years of learning to be pro for this to happen???!!!!!!!
Let's all just hope that it doesn't shut down.
If it does, we can always play Star Wars Battlefront 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2.
I actually really hoped this was a joke
Sadly it's not. But hopefully this doesn't happen.
Damn that would suck if rc dies
It wont be shut down for a few more months.
but i like rc :(
It is not shutting down.
The rumour is that since facelift is shutting down, RC will to, gameloft does not run the RC multiplayer. Lucas arts does.
Hurray :)
they'll keep it up as long as we keep playing. i know ill stay on for as long as i can, if the unspeakable day does come then we'll find more games to dominate at. Whats their reason for shutting it down anyways?
crap didnt read that right as i commented lol, now i feel stupid lol