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Heck yes you did!! lol its really me, im also known as {ICE}Dshnap{WPCK} i usually role with the two destoyers. try to catch me in optic's sniperz if you want to ask me about it. GO EA!!
Fuck this is a major accomplishment LOL :D
Lets hope Lord_Miki will go tell the others now that he/she knows lol. kinda feel bad about leaving finisher but i never saw him after the clan started lol
Lol they're gonna hack my site in anger :P
So slenderman enjoying ea, when iw as recruiting u i didnt do it since ur famous, i just wanted to fill in ur needs so undersand id idnt do anything special to get u here ok, not trying to use u, ur a great player also! :)
its freakin awsome, ya i know it was my own little personal test, i gave hints to the answer everywhere. The only reason i thought you were recuiting is cuz you thought i was good so i dont think there was any missunderstanding. I just asked if i had to apply and you guys said i didnt have to. Thats what i've been looking for so i applyied lol
lol lol :) glad to have u on the team :)
I keep hearing that I'm a awol ERO, to clearify. I was in Lords. my tag was Lord_SLEDNERMAN_LDR3. I stopped using that tag and went just to SlenderMan. I had some clan offers but turned them down because i wanted a certain thing, not to apply lol. So for I think around 5 months this went on and then ERO claimed i was in their clan, which I never applied for, i told all them this but they never told their leader, i actually just did myself. I'd been playing with 360 for a while along with some other guys when he asked if any1 wanted to join, heavens_soldier asked if it was possible to join without applying anywhere. 360 said he would get back to us and he did, when the answer was yes, this caught my eye along with MistBorn. So we both joined as well. I'm sorry for any confusion but thats how this happened lol and so I applied because I don't really have anything against it. Just dont like to so my goal was to find the clan that would offer for me to just change my tag and be in the clan. The reason is because my first clan ICE did that for me, i was put immediatly in the honor guard known as wolfpack, my tag was {ICE}DSHNAP{WPCK}. and thats how all this happened it a long way to explain lol
Ya matches with u were fun! Ive actually seen u some other times too in rc. I thought u were a normal plyer but when xrave gt all excited, i ws like oh ur famous when u were blabbing on and on in the shoutbox lol. If we do something wrong tell dont leave like th lords STAY your a nixe guy and good player :) by the way when u left i think ginger went on again and was blabbing on about piggies lol u shut him up real good :)
I'd cry if SlenderMan left...