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Cool, although that's going to be hard for me, I am not good at recruiting people. Anyways the game is old (graphics are great) and since it's old, theres not many new people to the game... It's kinda rare to find a newbie....
This award system isn't just for SWRC. It's also for SWB1, and SWB2. I made a Battlefield page and this award system applies to Battlefield too.
So where is the tab to let us know what are the awards you will get after achieving them?
I'll make the tab soon
dude xrave, this is an awesome idea :D, i think i hav an idea for ur idea, can u try and make a medal room and list peoples name under it? it would be awesome, it'll indicate achievements :D and also maybe evryone can hav their own medals page, so they can see how many they've earned, so many ideas r popping out im gonna EXPLODE :D any ways can u try and find a way to display our medals, like i said earlier, a medal room is an idea :D
Yeah that was my idea. I'm gonna make the page as soon as possible
Ok :D
Wait, can you also add a tab that shows how to level your rank up?
Alright. I'll probably put it on the award page
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