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Really? Hooray! I'll be famous :)

But no one will know who I really am :(

But still, yay! :)
Sorry to be a downer, but the whole of EA clan will be famous, not individuals. So unless we go announcing that we are in EA clan, we won't be considered as famous
Lol, y r they advertising us? We‘re still new. Plus nobody really plays rc, just the few of us. Also y US i mean y not red cell or optic? Eh wat ever, we r FAMOUS wooooooohoooooooo. Hey xrave, y did they advertise us? And how did u no? Also r u sure it is THIS clan or some other?
They are advertizing our clan because my family knows the owner personally. But so far they are advertizing us in only a few stores but hopefully they will advertize us on their site and/or ads :)
We will finally have recognition for being elite. I wonder if I will get to be famous too?
Yay finally a circle is gonna be known to the world. Im the first butt kicking circle to be famous :D
Never mess with the circle, cuz after im done with u, u aint straight anymore.
Woo!!! How will we be advertised?
Oh nevermind. Haha nice work Xrave! Good thing your the leader
Nice job, although i seriously doubt that the advertisement will spred beyond those two stores unless that friend of you family's happens to be the CEO of Gamestop. :p
Yeah we are probably only gonna be advertized in a few or more stores.