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Manakeep 728x90
Code Of Conduct
  • Code Of Conduct

• Always obey the higher ranks. They demand absolute respect.

• No Foul Language- Foul Language is actually permitted for random comments, but if you curse at ANYONE in this clan, first warn is a warning, second warn is a demoting, third is ban.

• No Sexual Harassment- First warn is a demoting, second warn is a ban.
This also includes any pictures with profanity of any sort.

• No Multiclanning- If you multiclan without a true cause, then you will be kicked from this clan.

• No Spamming- First warn is a warning, second warn is a demoting, third warn is no-rank, fourth is ban.

• No Bullying- Bullying someone is not allowed here and we will take serious actions for this.

• No Power Abuse- First warn is demoting, second warn is no-rank, third warn is ban.

• Never fight or argue with your teammates.

• Do not provoke other players in-game.

• Always be a good sport and say 'gg' (good game).

• Do not noob. This includes using EC, AA, Rockets, Sonics, Heavy LCP,
Concussion, Grenade Spam, etc.

• Do not insult anyone on any server unless they do so to you first.

• Always play fair.

• And of course the most important one of all: have a good time!